Clean Business Australia

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Australian Government established Clean Business Australia as a partnership with Australian business and industry for tackling climate change. Clean Business Australia supports a range of activities aimed at improving Australia's energy and water efficiency and increasing sustainability, with a focus on productivity and innovation. There are three elements to Clean Business Australia: Climate Ready, Re-tooling for Climate Change and the Green Building Fund.After seven rounds of the Green Building Fund, 318 grants totalling AUD118.7 million (GST exclusive) had been awarded to support retro-fitting and retro-commissioning of existing commercial office, hotel and retail buildings with projected savings of over 285,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.The Re-tooling for Climate Change (RCC) element was established to help small and medium sized organisations undertaking manufacturing in Australia to reduce their environmental footprint, through projects that improve the energy and/or water efficiency of their production processes. 94 grants totalling AUD19.6 million were awarded.The Climate Ready element was a competitive grants program established to support the development and commercialisation of innovative products, processes and services that address the effects of climate change. The program offered grants to small to medium sized enterprises from AUD50,000 up to AUD5 million on a matching funding basis, for research and development, proof-of-concept and early-stage commercialisation activities. A total of 102 projects worth AUD75.95 million in grant funding proceeded through the four funding rounds.

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