Information Campaigns on Energy Effiency and RES

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 2004, government appointed Green Leaders, one in each Line Ministry, in an initiative aimed towards meeting Government corporate responsibilities with regards to the environment. Government has also embarked on various information campaigns within the educational sector and the public sector.
The Green Leader system has driven each ministry, department and entity to take steps to reduce energy consumption and waste of resources. Energy audits have been carried out in all administrative buildings as well as in residential homes for the elderly and health centers and measures have been actuated to reduce energy. The Green Leaders have also led an educational campaign to eliminate waste, with stickers attached to light switches and above water taps to serve as a constant reminder against waste.
All these measures are intended to complement the government public environmental awareness campaign and propulsion towards sustainable lifestyles. Educational talks are organized within schools for awareness on alternative energies. Adverts and programmes are created for the promotion of alternative energy.

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