Law on design of energy-using products

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Danish legislation implementing the EU Eco-design Directive was passed in April 2008, effectively allowing for minimum standards for energy consumption and other environmental characteristics to be determined for appliances and energy-using products put on the market in Denmark. Minimum standards according to the legislation will cover standby and off-modes for a range of products, including office, residential and street lighting, external power supplies and simple digital receiver boxes. European Commission and Member States have also agreed upon introducing standards for electric motors (0.75 to 150 kW), circulation pumps for domestic heating and cooling, refrigerators and freezers, televisions, residential washing machines. EU regulations for these products are likely to be introduced by 2010, and will be accordingly applied within Denmark. Superseeded by Consolidated act nr. 1068, September 15th 2010 on act on environmentally friendly design of energy related products.

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