Implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in Italy

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Decree 4/4/2006 n ° 216, which became effective in April 2006, transposed EU Directive 2003/87/CE (which established the EU ETS) into national legislation. This decree replaced Ministerial Decree DEC/RAS/074/2006. The April 2006 decree also established annual obligations for industrial installations covered under the EU Emissions Trading Directive, together with the domestic procedure for certification of their GHG emissions by the competent national authority. In Italy, the authority in charge of this is a board associated with the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory (MATT). This board controls and issues emissions permits in accordance with Italys national allocation, for which it is also responsible. By means of Legislative Decree of 30 December 2010, no. 257, amending Legislative Decree of 4 April 2006, no. 216, Italy has implemented Directive 2008/101/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council which includes aviation activities in the scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community. The Legislative Decree of 30 December 2010, no. 257 was published on 4 February 2011 in the Italian Official Journal (Gazzetta Ufficiale) and entered into force on 19 February 2011.

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