Resolution 18 1495/2009

Last updated: 8 March 2024

The goal of this resolution is to maximise recovery and avoid waste of hydrocarbons. 


Purview is in the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Article 12 requires permits for perforating a well. These permits can be suspended or revoked for noncompliance (Art 14). 


Article 52 prohibits the burning or waste of gas, with exceptions for safety and when the gas is uneconomic to recover (this needs to be justified to and approved by the Ministry). Reinjection, recycling, or sending to market are viable pathways. This has been made also applicable to unconventional wells by Resolution 18 0742/2012. 


(para 1) Reinjection must be pre-approved – using Form 21.

(para 2) Approval is not needed to do maintenance and repair work, but upsets and estimated volumes of flared gas must be reported

(para 3) The Ministry sets a volume and time limit on flared gas

(para 4) Operators have to pay royalties on flared and vented gas.


Article 53 Gas is considered "wasted" when it escapes storage; when production exceeds infrastructure capacity; when a new well reduces the pressure/possible recovery for a play; etc.


Article 64 authorises sanctions for violations of the resolution, up to $5,000 USD.


Modifications to the resolution were made in Resolution 40048 of 2015. 
Art. 52 is repealed by Resolution 40066/2022 (Gas Flaring).

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