Decree 1076/2015

Last updated: 10 February 2022

This decree collects all the applicable regulations of the environmental and sustainable development sector. 

The following provisions are incorporated from and cite Decree 2041/2014. 


  • Art restates Art 8 (exclusive jurisdiction of Environmental Ministry)
  • Art restates Art 18 (which projects need an alternatives study)
  • Art restates Art 29 (licenses can be modified, transferred, merged, or lose validity after 5 years)
  • Art restates Art 40 (monitoring by environmental authorities)


Section discusses regulations applicable to air pollution control. This includes the combustion of fossil fuels but makes no mention of methane or gas vented directly to the atmosphere. By section, air permits are a part of the overall environmental license. Section notes that cases requiring air permits include fugitive emissions from mining activities, and fuel burning in oil and gas production. It also mentions that it is not required a permit for incidental flaring events when they occur during emergency situations. (Section Air permits can be suspended or revoked for noncompliance or when the activity puts health or the environment at risk. Section lays out the sanctions for noncompliance


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