Decree 1760/2003

Last updated: 10 February 2022

The Decree moves management of natural resources from EcoPetrol to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (art 1), creates the special administrative unit (the National Hydrocarbon Agency, or ANH) in the Ministry of Mines and Energy “with legal status, equity, administrative and financial autonomy”, subject to the terms of this decree (art 2). 


A technical subdirectorate of the ANH should advise on oil and gas E&P policies. Listed responsibilities focus on resource development and generation of revenue.


Empowers EcoPetrol to continue to conduct E&P for all contracts concluded before 31 December 2003; establishes the following as objectives for EcoPetrol: E&P abroad; refining and processing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives; transport, distribution, and storage; and commercialization of oil and natural gas (Art 34). 

There is an amendment from 2011 (Decree 4137-2011) that provides further clarification and updates to the role of the National Hydrocarbons Authority (ANH). 

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