Guidance for Flaring and Venting during Commissioning

Last updated: 18 May 2022

By the Energy Act 1976 and the Petroleum Act 1998, operators are required to have consents in place for the flaring and venting of hydrocarbons during commissioning and production operations.


The Oil and Gas Authority issued this guidance on applications for flaring and venting consents for commissioning, stating that:


- Consents for commissioning are short term (1-3 months) and are for a fixed quantity of gas. 

- Gas flaring and venting during commissioning should be kept to the lowest level that is consistent with the safe and efficient commissioning of oil and gas related plant.

- All gas plant must be complete, fully leak tested and otherwise tested and commissioned as far as is practicable, and able to receive gas, before first oil. 

- Operators must submit supporting documentation to the OGA, detailing the commissioning procedure, and the expected flare and vent volumes associated with the commissioning plan.

- They must also provide weekly reports to the OGA with information relating to the previous week’s activity. The content of such reports is outlined in the guidance document.

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