(Saskatchewan) Directive PNG017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations

Last updated: 11 April 2022

The directive contains the regulatory requirements for reporting from oil and gas operations in Saskatchewan. This mainly focuses on the measurement and metering of product. Continuous and intermittent flared and vent volumes at all oil or gas production or processing facilities where annual average total flared and vented volumes per facility exceed 0.5 thousand cubic metres per day must be metered. 


As of 1 January 2020, operators must report fuel, flare, and vent volumes, using the methodologies in Guideline PNG035: Estimating Venting and Fugitive Emissions.


In November 2020, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan entered into an equivalency agreement finding that PNG 017 and PNG 036 are equivalent to federal standards.  This agreements through 31 December 2024.

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