(Saskatchewan) Oil and Gas Emissions Management Regulations

Last updated: 22 February 2022

Sets mandatory methane emission reductions of 4.5 million tonnes CO2e annually by 2025 (this absolute number is in line with the percentage reduction target set out in the Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy). Focuses on upstream facilities.


As noted in the provincial methane action plan, the requirements are “results-based at the company level, not prescribed on individual facilities or pieces of equipment.” They apply to all companies whose emit at least 50,000 tonnes of CO2e per year. (Part 1 Art 3) 


Covered companies must “accurately measure and report” associated gas volumes at oil facilities, in tonnes CO2e. (Art. 6) The rule includes formulae for calculating emissions. (Art. 7)


Every year, the regulator calculates an emissions limit for each company (Art. 8). If a company calculates that they have emitted in excess of that limit (Art. 9), they must pay a penalty for each tonne emitted in excess (Art. 10).


Each company must also submit a methane emissions reduction plan, by 1 September 2019 or within 60 days of doing business in the province. (Art. 11) The Minister reviews each plan and approves it or requires changes, or a new plan. (Art. 12) Once an approved plan is in place, the company must comply with its plan. (Art. 13) Companies can offset their emissions with “qualifying conservation project” credits. (Part V, Art. 14)


The Minister may audit emissions reports from companies (Art. 15) within three years (Art. 17), and assess administrative penalties for corrections that need to be made to the registry. (Art. 16) 

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