Energy Efficiency Roadmap

Last updated: 13 February 2019
As a part of the Energy Transition Law mandate, an energy efficiency roadmap was developed to fulfil the energy efficiency goals established in the Transition Strategy.

The Roadmap was published in January 2017 and contains the 66 energy efficiency actions previously set in the Transition Strategy, supplementing each action line with stakeholders that should be involved in the accomplishment of the action and their potential role, technical resources needed and timeline (short or medium term).

The roadmap on energy efficiency briefly mentions the energy efficiency goals, potential and sectorial scenarios as well as some sectorial barriers to untap the full energy efficiency potential. Regarding the action lines, these are divided by final energy consumption sectors and five categories based on the type of intervention: regulation, institutional framework, capacity building and human resources, markets and financing, and research, development and innovation. The final energy consumption sectors are Buildings, Industry, Transport, Municipal Public Services and Agriculture.

Majority of the actions fall under federal ministries and education institutions, but relevant mediations are needed from local governments (municipalities and states), research institutions, professional associations, industrial and commerce chambers, private companies and international cooperation. Conuee and Sener are responsible for the execution of the Roadmap.

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