Subsidies for electric bicycles

Last updated: 18 October 2019

A call for tenders is open for the assignment of economic incentives to citizens and workers of the Municipalities of the West of Turin - Collegno, Alpignano, Buttigliera Alta, Druento, Grugliasco, Pianezza, Rivoli, Rosta, San Gillio, Venaria Reale, Villarbasse - part of the "VI.VO: get rid of cars from the West of turin" program - who intend to buy a new electric assisted bicycle. The program is funded by the experimental national program for sustainable mobility home-work home-school of the Ministry of the Environment.


Bikers can apply for support for a maximum of 250 Euros.


The program is open to all residents or workers who fulfill at least one of the following four requirements:

1) proof of having to travel more than 10 km for regular trips home to work

2) proof of having to use more than 30 minutes of public transport for regular trips between home and work

3) are part of a family owner of a car with diesel engines to euro 5 petrol or EURO 0 and EURO 1

4) intend to reduce number of cars owned by the family unit and can present evidence of scrapping

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