Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labelling for Washing Machine

Last updated: 17 October 2019

This guide specifies minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) and energy labeling requirements of washing machines for households use, with or without heating devices utilizing cold and/or hot water supply.


The following equipment is excluded from the scope of this guide:

a) models that have been granted exemption by the relevant regulatory authority;

b) washing machine capacity of more than 16kg;

c) washer-dryers (washing machine which includes both spin extraction function and a means for drying the textiles, usually by heating and tumbling;

d) manual washing machine where the machine requires user intervention at one or more points during the program to enable the machine to proceed to the next operation i.e twin tub/semi auto

e) mini washer/twin washer which cannot operate on its own (standalone mini washer which requires to be installed with its main washer)



IEC 60456:2010

MS IEC 60456:2012



EER = Measured Energy Consumption (Wh) / Rated capacity (kg)


LABELLING Star Rating Energy Efficiency Ratio (Wh/kg)

Top Loading Washing Machine = 16kg

5-star: <6.0

4-star: 6.0= EER <10.0

3-star: 10.0= EER <17.0

2-star: 17.0= EER <22.5

1-star: =22.5


Front Loading washing machine = 16kg

5-star: < 70.0

4-star: 70.0 = EER < 90.0

3-star: 90.0 = EER < 140.0

2-star: 140.0= EER <220.0

1-star: =220.0



The MEPS requirement is 2-stars

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