(Alberta) AER Directive 036: Drilling Blowout Prevention Requirements and Procedures

Last updated: 22 February 2022

This directive details the minimum equipment and procedure requirements that the licensee must follow when drilling wells in Alberta. While not focused on methane, the directive contains several provisions that relate to the control of this pollutant. For instance, Sec. 2 requires the installation of bleed-off systems, to divert gas building up in the wellhead to a flare stack. Sec. 2 also contains specs for flares lines, flare pits, and flare tanks. Sec. 5 requires these components to be winterized. Sec. 17 includes recordkeeping and reporting requirements. 


The directive also describes the role of AER field centre inspectors and includes and explains the AER Drilling Inspection Report, which AER field inspectors complete during site inspections. Inspectors can also use this directive as a reference when completing inspection reports.


Governed by Alberta Energy Regulator

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