(Alberta) Oil and Gas Conservation Rules

Last updated: 22 February 2022

Outlines maximum rate limitations for production (MRL) as well as basic well rates (BWR) which is the lowest unpenalised production rate. Gives power to the directives of the Alberta Energy Regulator. Prohibits the production of gas without the establishment of a control well. Prohibits the burning any oil, gas, oily waste or other material produced or used at a well, facility or in the operation of a scheme, except under conditions of controlled combustion where there is no significant or visible emission of smoke. 


The rules stipulates flare design under certain conditions, including when combusting gas above certain concentration of hydrogen sulphide, and when gas is produced for more than 10 minutes during a drill test. The regulated should attain approval from the Regulator for flaring method. The application should be in accordance with Directive 60. 


Governed by Alberta Energy Regulator

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