Guidelines for the prevention and comprehensive control of methane emissions from the hydrocarbons sector (Mexico)

Last updated: 8 March 2024

The guidelines apply to new and existing sources across the value chain. Under the regulation, facilities must develop a Program for Prevention and Integrated Control of Methane Emissions (PPCIEM). 

As a starting point, facilities must identify all sources of methane, and calculate an emissions baseline (base year must be within the last 5 years). Companies must then set an emissions reduction goal for their existing facilities (Art. 27); new facilities must maintain their baseline emissions. 

All facilities must establish an implementation schedule for mitigation measures similar or superior to those outlined in Title III. The regulation includes a number of emissions control measures, including technology improvements such as installing vapor recovery systems, selecting electric or solar-fed pneumatic pumps, and operational improvements such as reducing emissions from pipelines. 

The guidelines also stipulate the development of a quarterly Leak Detection and Repair program. (Arts. 71-85) Existing facilities must complete mitigation actions in six calendar years and demonstrate annual progress towards their goal. Facilities must maintain records related to methane emitting components and activities for 5 years. (Art. 21)

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