Associated Gas Re-injection Regulation

Last updated: 4 February 2022

Under the Associated Gas Re-Injection Act (Sec. 3(2)), operators may only flare with the issuance of a certificate by the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources. The regulations set forth the possible conditions for issuance of certificate for continued flaring of gas; namely:


(a) that more than 75 per cent of the produced gas is effectively utilized or conserved; 

(b) that the produced gas contains more than fifteen per cent impurities, such as N2, H2S, CO2, etc., which render the gas unsuitable for industrial purposes; 

(c) when gas utilisation equipment suffers a failure, so long as the failure are not too frequent and do not extend beyond three months.  

(d) that the ratio of the volume of gas produced per day to the distance of the field from the nearest gas line or possible utilization point is less than 50,000 SCF/KM, so long as gas is not venting at a level above 3,500 SCF /bbl, and it is not technically advisable to re-inject the gas in that field; or

(e) another condition set by the Minister.


Governed by Department of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

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