Green Deal on Sea Transport, Inland Shipping and Harbours

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The national government, provinces, port authorities, maritime sector organisations, shippers, transport companies, banks, and research institutes are joining forces to promote sustainability in the shipping sectors. The parties have concluded a Green Deal with Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) comprising dozens of measures to substantially reduce the emission of harmful airborne substances and CO2 emissions by the inland and sea shipping sectors. One of the agreements is that a sustainability label will be introduced for inland vessels. In the future, such a label will qualify captains for a discount on harbour dues; it can also be used to secure funding for a vessel. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen will set aside 15 million euros for the inland shipping sector to promote innovations. The grant scheme will be used, among other things, to purchase clean engines. The parties have also set down agreements aimed at fostering the sustainability of maritime transport. They intend to give impetus to the introduction of zero emission vessels. Furthermore, the sector is committed to the introduction of a zero-emission vessel by 2030. The Government Shipping Company, in its capacity as launching customer, intends to play a key role in these efforts. The Minister has earmarked 5 million euros for studies into new technologies to make maritime transport sustainable.

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