(Alberta) AER Directive 007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements

Last updated: 23 December 2020

This directive sets out requirements for reporting volumetric data for wells, pipelines, and facilities and well status changes using Petrinex. Under Part 12 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules, each oil and gas licensee or operator in Alberta must file a record of the monthly activities at a well, facility, or pipeline with the AER. Part 12 specifies that the records must be kept and filed in accordance with Directive 007.


Gathering this data allows the AER to track production from wellhead to market so that the province can maintain an accurate historical record of each well’s hydrocarbon and by-product production. The data collected are used in various ways, such as for calculating and verifying royalties, assessing production operations, and preparing statistical reports on supply and market demand for the production of oil, gas, and other energy products.

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