Decree n. 2-13-874 on Thermal regulation of buildings

Last updated: 2 December 2019

The thermal regulation code (decree No. 2-13-874) was adopted in October 2014 and introduced minimum technical requirements in terms of thermal performance for new constructions for residential and tertiary use (social housing and freestanding buildings in the residential sector and hotels, offices, educational facilities and hospitals in the commercial sector). Each of Morocco’s six climate zone has its own specific thermal requirements. Their implementation became mandatory in December 2015.


The labelling of buildings in terms of thermal performance is voluntary seeing this as adding value.


The thermal regulation is based on a two-tier approach: 1) A «performance-based» approach to the maximum energy consumption for the building’s heating and air conditioning, expressed in kWh/m2/year; and 2) A «prescriptive» approach which sets targets for the thermal properties of the various components of the envelope (roofs, exterior walls, windows, floors, etc.), according to the climate zone and window ratio.

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