Project ELBE (incentive programme for EV charging infrastructure)

Last updated: 25 November 2019

Project ELBE is an incentive programme for EV charging infrastructure and integrating EV chargers into buildings. ELBE stands for "ELektrifizierung von GeBäuden für Elektrische Fahrzeug" (In English, "Electrifying Buildings for Electric Vehicles").


In Hamburg, 7,000+ intelligently controlled charging stations are to be installed. Through ChargePoint, a sub-component of the programme, 4,500 charging points are to be installed by 2020.


What is being funded?

By September 2020, incentive recipients will receive 40% to 60% of the eligible costs for:

  • the purchase of charging stations
  • electrical system upgrades in buildings


The grants can be used to cover the cost of:


  • the charging station and its installation,
  • connection to the local power grid,
  • running costs including maintenance, and

24/7 hotline and billing services.

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