Three-year action plan for cleaner air (also called the Blue Sky War)

Last updated: 17 May 2021

The three-year action plan for cleaner air, issued by the State Council in June 2018, is a comprehensive strategy to improve air quality through actions across all key sectors. Key objective of the action plan is to reduce emissions of major air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and decreasing the number of days with high air pollution.


The action plan includes targets for air quality improvement:

    • 15% reduction of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by 2020 compared to 2015 levels
    • 18% reduction of PM2.5 density


To achieve these targets, the State Council has set forth an ambitious plan, which includes action on:

    • adjustment of industrial structures (consolidation of industrial production capacity, deepening of pollution control etc.)
    • transformation of the energy system towards a cleaner, more efficient energy system, including efficiency improvements across all end-use sectors (industry, appliances, buildings)
    • development of a green transportation system
    • and others


These actions are supported with a call to improve the legal framework surrounding these policy issues, a scaling up of financing as well as strengthened environmental monitoring framework.



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