MEPS for Electrical driven multi heat pump-Central HVAC

Last updated: 1 July 2020

VRF multi-split heat pumps were initially part of the High-efficiency Appliance Certification Program, however, it has been remarked that their energy efficiency drops when the length of pipe gets longer (up to 20~30%). Furthermore, the most of VRF multi-split heat pumps energy efficiency dropped under -15? (the actual winter temperature of Seoul). At 7? the heating efficiency(COP) was relatively high (3~3.8). But at -15?, the efficiency of general type models(heating efficiency is relatively high until -10?) dropped to similar levels of the worst heating appliances (electric stoves and electric fan heaters). The efficiency of cold climate type models (heating efficiency is relatively high until -15?) relatively showed high efficiency levels.


Based on these results, MKE and KEMCO have plans to exclude VRF multi-split heat pumps from High-efficiency Appliance Certification Program and place it under the Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program from 2012. The measurement conditions under the efficiency rating system will adopt conditions of actual consumers’ settings (50m length pipes, cold

climate heating temperature of -15? and non ducted type(indoor unit))

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