Japan-MEPS-Electric heat pumps - 2007

Last updated: 5 November 2017

Target Scope:

Electric water heaters (limited to those that use heat pump (limited to those that use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant)), except the following: 1) ones for heating, or 2) ones for commercial use.


Energy consumption efficiency:

Energy consumption efficiency is the ratio of the heating amount (MJ) per unit time imparted to the circulated water to the amount of power consumption (kWh) when operated by a heat pump, the annual water heating and retaining efficiency for those with a bathtub water reheating function, and the annual water heating efficiency for those without a bathtub water reheating function. The measurement method is in accordance with the method specified in JIS C 9220 (2011).


Target fiscal year: FY 2017 and each subsequent fiscal year. Efficiency is expected to be improved by 27% over the FY 2009 level by the target year (FY 2017).

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