Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Regulations

Last updated: 18 September 2020

The minimum energy efficiency standard for air conditioners to be acceptable in Ghana is an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 2.8 watts of cooling per watt of electricity input. This is equivalent to 9.55BTU/Watt. Air Conditioners with EER of 3.5 and above are available on the market.


The Energy Guide label affixed to the product provides important information on the model, manufacturer, and energy efficiency star rating (a one-star to five –star energy efficiency rating in which the ascending number of stars represents a higher energy efficiency ratio), estimated annual energy consumption, cooling output and type of refrigerant.


In accordance with the provisions of the Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling (Non-ducted Air Conditioners) Regulations 2005 (LI1815) appliance manufacturers who export to Ghana and retailers who sell in Ghana are obliged to display a label which indicates the energy efficiency rating of the product before the first retail sale. It is an offence under LI1815 to import, display for sale or sell Air Conditioners in Ghana unless they meet the minimum performance standards and are properly labelled.

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