Information and advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy though Enova SF

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Enova provides information to the market. Enova finances a wide range of informative and educational measures in the field of energy efficiency for industry, transport, commercial and household sectors. These measures include: Ask Enova service: Guidance and energy advice via the “Ask Enova"  service, a free phone service, where professionals, including public entities, can receive energy advice and tips, order booklets and publications, or receive information regarding Enova's programmes for different target groups. Enova Recommends: Enova has established a designated labelling scheme for energy-efficient windows and insulation material. In addition, Enova prepares general information material which is readily available on its webside, and rolls out special information campaigns that are meant to have a broader appeal. Enova also has several other information activities, such as participating in various fairs to promote different energy solutions and organising seminars for municipalities, construction and industry networks. Lastly, Enova also provides general advisory services to different actors which is closely linked to the investment aid programmes. For information on Enova's investment aid programmes, please see separate entries.

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