Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Directory is an on-line inventory of programs to promote the efficient use or conservation of energy at the end-use level and/or the use of alternative energy in Canada. It covers programs offered by the Government of Canada, provincial and territorial governments, major Canadian municipalities, and major electric and gas utilities and companies. It is maintained by Natural Resources Canada, under the auspices of the National Energy Use Database (NEUD), which was launched in 1991 to help the department improve its knowledge of energy consumption and energy efficiency at the end-use level in Canada. The NEUD's most important role is to secure the development of a reliable, Canada-wide information base on energy consumption for all energy-consuming sectors.
Program information that is included in the Directory includes:
Æ’ A brief description of the program objectives and type.
Æ’ Sectors and sub-sectors targeted by the program.
Æ’ The program delivery tools.
Æ’ The name, address and website of the organization responsible for the program.
Æ’ Contact information.

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