Low-interest Loans for Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

Last updated: 8 November 2019

This program provides loans to projects where Energy Service Companies (ESCO) replace inefficient facilities of energy consumers who lack technology and financing and guarantee reduction in their energy consumption. The program also operates and manage registered ESCO.


- Eligible projects: Management services for energy conservation, Investments in energy-saving facilities, R&D of energy-saving facilities and equipment


- Scope: Cost of the facility (secondhand facilities are not applicable) and supplementary equipment, cost of construction and installation, cost of design and supervision (royalty for technology included), and start-up costs


- Terms: Quarterly adjustable intereat rate linked to average rate of return of 3 year negotiable Korean treasury bond or fixed-rate, Payable in installments in five years with a three-year grace period, Maximum 30 billion won (Maximum 15 billion won for the same business premise)

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