National Environment and Climate Change Policy

Last updated: 5 November 2019

The proposed goal of the Environment and Climate Change Policy is: “Rwanda to be a nation that has a clean and healthy environment, resilient to climate variability and change that supports a high quality of life for its society.”


Policy Objectives and Statements:

  • Greening economic transformation:
    1. Promote a green economy that is resource efficient, low-carbon and climate resilient
    2. Promote the circular economy to advance sustainable consumption and production patterns
    3. Promote green technologies and procurement
    4. Promote green urbanisation and green rural settlements
    5. Promote green mobility
  • Enhancing functional natural ecosystems and managing biosafety
  • Strengthening meteorological and early warning services
  • Promote climate change adaptation, mitigation and response
    1. Strengthen adaptation mechanism in planning and implementation
    2. Strengthen mitigation mechanism in planning and implementation
  • Improve environmental well-being for Rwandans
  • Strengthen environment and climate change governance
  • Promote green foreign and domestic direct investment and other capital inflows
    1. Strengthen the capacity of national environment and climate change finance mechanisms for greater efficiency, effectiveness and impact
    2. Strengthen climate proofing capital inflow in national economic planning


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