Mid- to Long-term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Plan plots a roadmap for the nation to achieve a high efficiency and low carbon vehicle fleet in the next few years. It sets out specific targets of meeting 5 and 4.5 L/100 km fleet-average fuel consumption for all new passenger cars and fuel-efficient passenger vehicles, respectively, by 2020, and 4L/100 km for new passenger cars by 2025. For heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the Plan aims for the nation’s new heavy duty vehicle fleet to match world-class efficiency by 2025. To achieve these objectives, the development plan lays out the following key objectives: Facilitating breakthroughs in key technologies (batteries, power systems, high-efficiency transmission systems, automotive electronics Establishing a safe and competitive industrial supply chain Developing strong range of Chinese automotive brands Shaping a new industrial ecology, including transformation of R & D, smart manufacturing, logistics, marketing, customer service, interconnectivity, new generation information technology, intelligent transport, energy and environmental protection Improving competitiveness of Chinese automotive brands internationally Promoting greening of the automotive industry, including through improvements in fuel efficieny and recycling.

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