NOM-016-ENER-2010: Energy efficiency of AC motors, three-phase, induction, squirrel cage type, nominal power of 0.746 kW to 373 kW. Limits, testing method and marking

Last updated: 12 May 2021
This standard establishes the minimum levels of energy efficiency that must comply the electric motors of alternating current, three-phase, induction, squirrel-cage type, in powers of 0.746 kW up to 373 kW with nominal voltage of up to 600 V, of a single rotation frequency, horizontal or vertical mounting position and continuous regime. See the attachements for the minimum levels of energy efficiency.The standard NOM-016-ENER-2010 supersedes the standard NOM-074-SCFI-1994. The 2010 version extends the power range up to 373 kW and increases the minimum energy performance levels that motors must comply.

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