NOM-007-ENER-2014: Energy efficiency in lighting systems in non-residential buildings

Last updated: 18 July 2019
This standard establishes the minimum energy efficiency levels in terms of Electric Power Density (DPEA) which the lighting systems for general interior and exterior use of new non-residential buildings, extensions and modifications of existing ones must comply. The standard applies to buildings with total lighting connected load equal to 3 kW or more. See the attachment for the minimum efficiency levels.
The uses of buildings covered by this standard are: offices (public and private); schools; hospitals and clinics; hotels and motels; restaurants and cafeterias; commercial establishments (departmental, self-service and specialty stores); warehouses; recreation and culture; service workshops; and passenger centers; as well as for open parking lotes.
The standard NOM-007-ENER-2004 supersedes the standard NOM-007-ENER-1995. The 2004 version increases the building type use and also specifies the minimum lighting conected load of the building. For those building type uses in the 1995 version the levels of DPEA increased.

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