NOM-004-ENER-2014: Energy efficiency of the motor-pump assembly for pumping clean water for domestic use - 0,180 kW (¼ HP) to 0,750 kW (1 HP) – Limits, testing methods and labeling

Last updated: 18 July 2019
This standard establishes establishes the maximum values of energy consumption for the motor-pump unit, which use single-phase squirrel cage induction motor, for domestic water pumping in powers of 0.180 kW (1/4 HP) up to 0.750 kW (1 HP). See the attachements for the minimum levels of energy efficiency.

This standard supersedes the NOM-004-ENER-2008. The 2014 version removes minimum levels of energy efficiency for pumps and focuses only in the MEPS for the engine-pump unit. The MEPS are at the same levels as the 2008 version.

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