Renove Plan for Electric Appliances

Last updated: 14 October 2019
The Renove Plan for Electric Appliances was carried out as a joint measure with the Autonomous Communities in the framework of the 2005-07 Energy Efficiency Action Plan, and continued since. The programme aims to reduce electric power consumption in the household sector by replacing fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens with equipment labelled class A or higher (this will also include the replacement of conventional electric or glass ceramic cooktops, with induction or gas cooktops). It works towards the withdrawal of obsolete and energy inefficient electric appliances from Spanish households as well as more rapid introduction of better energy efficiency class devices into the Spanish market, aiming for a concentration of Class A appliances on offer. The programme was also considered a success for increasing awareness of the appliance energy labelling system, having consumers take energy consumption into account when making purchase decisions, and the generalisation of more efficient appliances on the market. Currently the Renove Plans is kept in different Autonomous Communities as part of their enery policies, counting on own funds for their implementation.

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