Environmental investment allowance schemes (MIA Vamil)

Last updated: 18 November 2019

Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA Milieu Investerings Aftrek) and Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (VAMIL Vrije Afschrijving Milieuinvesteringen) are two related deduction schemes from fiscal profits to promote investments in new environmental technologies.  It gives a direct financial advantage to companies in the Netherlands that invest in applicable equipment. Entrepreneurs may deduct part of the investment costs for such equipment from their company’s fiscal profits.  The MIA and VAMIL are two different schemes, but are often combined. Both schemes use a common list, called the Environment List (Milieulijst), which lists all equipment (combined, almost 400 items) eligible for the MIA and/or VAMIL. A new Environment List is released every year. This list also contains a large array of equipment for greenhouse cultivation.


This is one of the primary tax incentives for the rollout of electric vehicles.

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