Electricity Saving Trust Purchasing Guidelines

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Danish Electricity Trust issued Purchasing Guidelines for public and private sector organisations and companies to purchase energy-efficient equipment and appliances. Products cover office equipment, information and communication technologies, consumer electronics, lighting equipment, ventilation, motors and circular pumps, large appliances, water coolers, and vending machines. The Purchasing Guidelines apply to the purchase of both new equipment and new components for existing systems; a new ventilator for an existing ventilation system, for example. The requirements also apply to equipment installed in institutions supplied under other types of agreements, such as leasing contracts. All municipal and government institutions must purchase energy efficient equipment based on the Purchasing Guidelines. The requirements covering energy efficient purchasing by the municipalities were incorporated in a voluntary agreement concluded in October 2007 between the then Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy and Local Government Denmark (KL). The requirements covering energy efficient purchasing by government institutions were laid down in a 2005 circular on improving energy efficiency in government institutions. The Trust has also developed online tools to help purchasers make energy-efficient decisions: Process Guide, Potential Savings Calculator, Status Analysis, Purchaser Questionnaire and Total Price Calculator. The Guidelines have been updated ever year since 2006, with the latest set provided in March 2008.