Special fund to support the implementation of energy efficiency targets

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Decree-Law of 25 March 2010, No 40, established a special fund for the implementation of objectives related to energy efficiency, environmental protection and workplace safety in 2010.
The Decree of 26 March 2010 specifies the activities towards which funding is dedicated.
For energy efficiency, this fund provides incentives for the following:
High efficiency appliances (EUR 110 million): As part of funding for kitchen renovations, up to 10% of the cost to a maximum of EUR 1000 are provided - only class A appliances can be purchased to be eligible for the incentive. Up to 20% of the cost to replace dishwashers (up to EUR 130), electric furnaces (up to EUR 80) and hot water equipment (up to EUR 400) with a Class A appliance or piece of equipment.
Replacing motorcycles with class Euro 0 or Euro 1 with motorcycles class Euro 3 (EUR 2 million): Up to 10% of the cost to a maximum of EUR 750. For electric motorcylces (hybrid or pure), the incentive covers 20% of the cost to a maximum of EUR 1500.
Purchase of new buildings with Class A and Class B, according to Italian Energy Certification Schemes (EUR 60 million): For Class A buildings, EUR 116/m2 of usable area up to a maximum of EUR 7000. For Class B buildings, EUR 83/m2 up to a maximum of EUR 5000.
Purchase and installation of inverters, high efficiency motors, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and capacitors (EUR 10 million): 20% of the cost for inverters between 0.75 and 75 kW (up to EUR 40), of the cost for high efficiency engines (IE2) between 1 and 5 kW (up to EUR 50), for high-efficiency UPS up to 10kVA (up to EUR 100) and for battery capacitors that contribute to loss reduction on medium and low voltage electricity networks (up to EUR 200).
Purchase of newer and more efficient farm machinery and machinery for construction and boats: For replacement of old outboard motors with low environmental impact ones up to 75kW, 20% of the cost up to EUR 1000. 10% of the price of certain agricultural machinery replacing those constructed before the year 2000 and that use 50% of the power of the scrapped machinery. 20% (up to EUR 30,000) for the replacement of construction tower cranes put in operation before January 1985.

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