S&L Solid State Inverter (voluntary)

Last updated: 12 May 2021
Star labeling requirements for Solid State Inverters run from storage Batteries of 12 Volts Direct Current source being manufactured, imported or sold in India. The output rating of the Solid State Inverters run from Storage Batteries covered is between 250 VA to 2000 VA for continuous output. Methods of TestsThe method of test for Solid State Inverters shall be as per IS 13314:1992 with allamendments as of date except for the following deviation.1. Solid State Inverters shall be designed at Output Power Factor of no less than 0.8at Resistive-Inductive Loads.2. Testing shall be done using resistive - inductive load at a power factor ofminimum 0.8.3. Capacity test shall be as per procedure given in item 5.2(d) of this schedule. Rating given for efficiency range DC to AC 1 star: 83% up to and including 85%2 stars: Above 85% up to and including 87%3 stars: Above 87% up to and including 89%4 stars: Above 89% up to and including 91%5 stars: Above 91%

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