Energy Commissioners of the Federal Government

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 1980 special persons responsible for energy matters (Energiesonderbeauftragte des Bundes), assigned by the Austrian Ministry of Economy and Labour, were inaugurated as a result of the first energy crisis and continue today with a new importance concerning climate protection and energy conservation.They are engineers appointed with the task to analyse all buildings used by the federal administration such as offices, universities, military barracks etc. and to work out recommendations for energy efficiency improvements. They represent a link between the users of the buildings and the higher building authorities and utilities, without subjects of directives and no budget for building renovations on their own disposal. These special energy representatives carry out energy accounting, prepare annual energy statistics, acquire energy plans along with a catalogue prioritising specific energy saving measures. Furthermore they instruct personnel who operate the heating and hot sanitary equipment. More than twenty special energy representatives are responsible for about 2,300 buildings with a total volume of 62 million m³.