PNS 396 Standards and Labelling: Room Air Conditioners

Last updated: 22 July 2020

This standard for room air conditioners (RAC) is part of PNS 396 HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES


a) PNS 396 requires all manufacturers, assemblers and importers of RACs to comply with below-mentioned energy efficiency standards.


b) It also requires the display of an energy label that will allow the buying public to compare room air conditioners based on energy efficiency, among others.


Room Air Conditioners (RACs) with cooling capacity below 12,000 kilojoules per hour (kj/h) must meet the minimum EER standard of 8.3 (BTU/hr per W). Units with cooling capacity of 12,000 kj/hr. and above must meet the minimum standard of 7.8. (BTU/hr per W)


 The progressive strengthening is also set up:


below 12000kJ/hr:

1995 - 8.3 BTU/hr per W

1998 - 8.7 BTU/hr per W

2001 - 9.1 BTU/hr per W


above 12000kJ/hr:

1995 - 7.4 BTU/hr per W

1996 - 7.8 BTU/hr per W

1999 - 8.2 BTU/hr per W

2002 - 8.6 BTU/hr per W

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