Network Energy Management Program

Last updated: 25 March 2019
This program is for reducing unnecessary personal computers (PCs) energy use. The Network Energy Management Program offers commercial customers a rebate to install network management software. The software programs shut down (PCs) when they are inactive and allows network administrators to perform regular maintenance tasks, such as IT upgrades and installations.

A rebate is available to cover 100 per cent of the cost of the eligible software program and installation costs up to a maximum of $15 per software license.

Purchase and install eligible software from the eligible product list below:
1E Nightwatchman / 1E Wakeup;
Autonomic Software ANSA Power Management;
Cisco Energy Management;
Dell KACE;
Excelerate PowerPro Manager;
Faronics Powersave;
IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Power Management;
LanDesk Power Manager;
Lightspeed Systems Power Manager;
Lumension Power Management;
New Boundary Technologies, PwrSmart™;
ScriptLogic Desktop Authority;
Verdiem Surveyor;
Verismic Power Manager.
Development Authority: Manitoba Hydro

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