Environmental Guidelines and Strategies for Transport Sector

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Ministry of Transport and Communication has had an environmental management programme of transport policy since 1994. The latest version, "Environmental Guidelines for the Transport Sector" published in 1999, is based on ISO standard 14 001. The programme defines the environmental objectives, responsibilities of various actors and concrete measures to reach the objectives. Moreover, the programme contains a monitoring and follow-up mechanism. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has also published a long-term strategic programme called "Towards a sustainable and intelligent transport sector". The strategy aims at reaching a transport system in which the demand for road transport (passenger car traffic and road freight traffic) should peak by the year 2020 and gradually start to decrease thereafter. With the aim of promoting the attractiveness and market share of sustainable modes of transport, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has adopted the following programmes: - National Cycling Policy Programme with the aim of doubling cycling from the 1998-99 level by 2020. An annual cycling week is held at the beginning of May. - National Walking Policy Programme with the aim of incorporating walking into transport policy and planning. - Public Transport Strategy with the aim of increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of public transport, e.g. with the help of door-to-door travel chains and the introduction of travel centres.

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