Incentives for Taxi fleet decarbonisation - Notice No. 1/2019

Last updated: 23 October 2019

The Notice No. 1/2019 establishes the terms and conditions to support the decarbonization of the taxi fleet in Portugal through the "Public Transport Service Fund".


5000 euros are granted for the purchase of a new 100% electric vehicle whose first registration was made on behalf of the beneficiary.


Only full-electric vehicles are eligible for the financial incentive given by the Notice No. 1/2019. The support may increase if the beneficiary delivers a used taxi with a valid transit permit during the last 3 years and with a minimum of 20.000 km traveled in the last year.


More than 10 years old - 2.500 euros in addition.

More than 15 years old- 5.000 euros in addition.

More than 20 years old - 7.500 euros in addition.

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