2012 IECC Building Code (Washington, DC)

Last updated: 21 February 2019
The DC Green Code covers:
ü All commercial projects (10,000 SF and larger)
ü Multi-family residential 4 stories and larger (and 10,000 SF and larger)

Service Water Heating (404)
ü Coverage
üRestrooms, showers, laundries, kitchens, pools and spas, defrosting of sidewalks and driveways, car washes, beauty salons, and other commercial enterprises.
ü Minimum efficiency for equipment – no significant changes from previous edition.
ü Fixture efficiency covered in Green/Plumbing Code

Lighting Systems (405)
ü 40% of Commercial Building Energy Consumption
üImpact on HVAC Load
üLighting Power Density
üReductions across the board
üAdditional emphasis – daylit spaces

Building Envelope Requirements (C402)
ü Windows (SHGC, U-Value)
üProjection Factor (SHGC)
ü Increased vertical fenestration (40%) and skylight (5%) with use of daylighting controls

Additional Efficiency (406)
ü1 – Additional HVAC Equipment Efficiency
ü2 – Additional Lighting Power Density Reductions
ü3 – On-Site Renewable Energy
ü 0.5 W/sf (conditioned)
ü 3% of mechanical, SHW, lighting

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