Energy Efficiency Initiative

Last updated: 5 November 2017
With the support of intensive public relations work such as provision of information brochures and internet services, the German Energy Agency Energy Efficiency Initiative is essentially targeted at about 40 million privatehouseholds, trade and industry, and service providers. The aim is to direct the attention and awareness of consumers in all areas of application of electricity to the issue of efficient use. The objective is to increase awarenessfor and the popularity of energy-efficient techniques for using electricity. In the results of the representative opinion surveys which have been carried out by the forsa research institution since 2003 alongside the project weare increasingly seeing positive changes in the attitude and behaviour of consumers in key subject areas communicated by the sub-campaigns. For example, by their own admission 61% of the households surveyed took measures to save electricity in 2009. The initiative has succeeded in gaining the support of a strong network of agents, such as retail sales outlets and energy utilities, as active campaign partners.

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