State Building Energy Conservation Code (Florida 2010)

Last updated: 15 February 2019
Development Authority: The Florida Building Commission

Implementation Authority: Local authorities

Verification Authority: Local authorities

Prescriptive Compliance path
Energy Requirements:
U-Values (Btu/h.ft2) Windows Roof Walls Floor
All climate zones 0.65 0.035 0.124 0.064
Prescriptive compliance: Maximum 20% of conditioned floor area; U-factor =0.65; SHGC =0.30 Performance model compliance: Maximum weighted average SHGC 0.50 except if 4 ft. overhang
0.75 W/m2.K
Air Leakage
=7 air changes per hour
A minimum of 50% of the lamps in permanently installed lighting fixtures shall be high efficacy lamps
Renewable Energy
Solar pool heating systems during periods of usable solar heat gain are excluded from compliance requirements
Compliance Softwares:
ResCheck - select florida option
End-uses considered:
Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Ventilation
Performance Compliance path
Not a requirement, but performance modelled compliance requires 20% more efficiency than the standard reference building.

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