EN 14511-3:2018 - test methods for air conditioners, chillers and heat pumps

Last updated: 17 May 2021
This standard applies to air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps for space heating and cooling and process chillers, with electrically driven compressors. This European Standard specifies the test methods for the design and performance of air conditioners, chillers and heat pumps using air, water or brine as a heat transfer medium and operated with electrically driven compressors for space heating and cooling. These test methods also apply to the design and performance of process coolers. It also specifies a procedure for testing and reporting heat recovery performance, system-reduced performance and the performance of single units of multi-split systems for indoor installation, where applicable. This European Standard also provides the ability to scale the performance of multi-split systems and multi-split modular heat recovery systems with separate performance rating of indoor and outdoor units (indoor and outdoor units).

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