EV Deployment Target

Last updated: 29 January 2020

The EV30@30 campaign, launched at the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial in June 2017, redefined the EVI ambition by setting a collective aspirational goal of a 30% market share for electric vehicles in the total of all passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks by 2030.

The EV30@30 campaign is supported by 13 of the EVI members.

The campaign includes several implementing actions to help achieve this goal in accordance with the priorities and programmes developed in each EVI country. These actions include:

  •  Supporting the deployment of charging infrastructure and tracking progress.
  •  Fostering public and private sector commitments for EV uptake in company and supplier fleets
  • Scaling up policy research, including policy efficacy analysis, information and experience sharing, as well as capacity building.
  • Establishing the Global EV Pilot City Programme, a global co-operative programme to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the replication of best practices for the promotion of EVs in the urban environment.


Finland aims at 50% GHG emissions reduction from transport by 2030 from 2005 level.


Finland supports the EVI's EV30@30 campaign, setting a goal to reach more than 250 000 electric vehicles in PLDVs by 2030.


For more information, please see the campaign document.

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