Reviewed technical regulation on energy efficiency of ductless air conditioners, RTE INEN 072 (1R)

Last updated: 7 July 2020

The Ecuador Ministry of Industry and Productivity published the Resolution No. 17598 reviewing the Technical Regulation on Energy Efficiency of Ductless Air Conditioners, RTE INEN 072 (1R), which replaces the Resolution No. 14264 on the same content.   The updated Technical Regulation RTE INEN 072 (1R) will enter into force after June 28th 2018.


This resolution establishes that air conditioning equipment without external ducts must comply with the energy efficiency range class A established in the NTE INEN 2495. therefore must have an EER > 3.00 for packaged type air conditioners for residential use, and > 3.20 for Split air conditioners for residential use.

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