Ministerial Decision Considering the Standard of Energy Efficiency Requirements for Air Conditioners an Obligatory Omani Standard

Last updated: 25 November 2019

Issuance of Ministerial Decision No. 107/2018, considering the GCC Standard No. (GSO) 2530/2016 (E) on energy efficiency requirements and the minimum energy efficiency limits of air conditioners, an obligatory Omani standard in coordination with the General Authority for Electricity and Water, Electricity Regulatory Authority, Public Authority for Consumer Protection, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Implementation and Follow-up Support Unit “Tanfeedh” and other related entities, institutions and companies in this field.


The standard is intended to contribute in the reduction of electricity consumption of the air conditioners types of split units (split) and (window) air conditioners, since air conditioners are one of the most electric power-consuming devices. Energy efficiency cards will be placed Clearly on all air conditioners’ interfaces specified in the standard to inform consumers and provide them with the information that help to choose air conditioners with the best and least energy-consuming performance.   Energy efficiency is expressed in the number of stars on the card so that the more stars the air conditioner has, the less energy it consumes.    


The standard granted enterprises and companies a period of 6 months from the day after the date of publication of the decision in the Official Gazette to deplete their stock of air conditioners not conforming to the standard specification. Article 3 of the Ministerial decision stipulates that an administrative fine not more than RO 5,000 is imposed on anyone who contravenes the provisions of this decision. The fine shall be doubled in case of repeated violation.

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